Crystal Lok LLC

Concrete Waterproofing Treatment


Crystal Lok protects concrete and reinforcing iron from de-icing salt and freeze/thaw damage,
acids, alkaline, oils, mine ores, mine waste and tailings, coffee, wine, beer and other alcohols.
It Works. It's Non Hazardous.
Makes clean-up easy !

Crystal Lok For NEW or OLD Concrete is applied onto surfaces that are free of other coatings and oil, is clean, and which can be dry, wet or damp;
but not onto running water or standing into water as puddles.

Crystal Lok Concrete Treatment Can Be Used On Any Portland cement-based concrete, including concrete structures, concrete block structures, concrete brick and on concrete tile.
A single application provides that protection. Porous surfaces may be improved with a second application.

Crystal Lok Concrete Treatment is Used For —-

Architecturally engineered structures:

Building floors
Foundations, foundation walls and sub-basements
Sub-basement floors, walls and ceilings
Walks and driveways
Parking garages
Binder for asphalt overlayment onto concrete
Gas station aprons for chemical/fuel defense
Machine shop floor waterproofing
Cement block basement sealer
Basement flood treatment
Winter freeze/thaw damage (spalling)
Lawn fertilizer damage, staining
Below grade electrical vaults waterproofing
Concrete pipe interior or exterior surfaces
Culverts, drainage systems, aqueducts
Water treatment plant concrete as potable or waste water
Barn stalls, isles, walks, drives, parking
Cattle, horse sale barn waterproofing
Grade A Dairy Barn, milking stations, storage
Farm silos
Barn stalls, walks, isles, drives, parking
Cattle, horse sale barn waterproofing
Grade A Dairy Barn, milking stations, storage
Fish farms
Fish ladders
Cement fences and posts
Feed and water troughs
Equipment storage
Mine roads, tailing storage pads, processing vats, floors
Fishing Boat & Tug Boat decks
Boat docks, decks, walks, bulkheads, breakwaters
Roads, Bridges & Aqueducts

Bridge decks
Walkways and bike paths
Dividers, walls
New or aged roads and road repairs
Water supply/removal channels,
Sluice channels and boxes

Greenhouses and Nursery

Growing structures
Packing room floors
Storage rooms, walls, ceilings
Equipment and storage rooms
Algae, fungus and mold control of concrete surfaces
Nursery plant algae, fungus defense, waterproofing Loading ramps
Electrical control areas

Homes and Apartments

Driveway treating for winter freeze/thaw damage (spalling)
Driveway & garage floor staining
Sidewalks for spalling, fertilizer damage and staining
Swimming pool aprons, walks
Pool equipment floors and structures
Basement floors and walls
Basement concrete flood treatment

Gardens, Statuary and Decorations

Fountains, streams and waterfalls,
Fish ponds and pond planters

Concrete cast statues, fountains, sconces
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