Crystal Lok® Concrete Treatment
When Applied On Either Side of Concrete Structures



Crystal Lok® Concrete Treatment is a water based, non-hazardous, single part spray application for Portland cement based concrete structures. It waterproofs, dust-proofs and hardens with a single application. Tested and proven effective through years of service in traffic, weather, immersion service. After application normal heat, cold, and weather extremes or depth of immersion to 400 foot water pressure have zero permeability. More than 300 highway bridge decks treated, many with asphalt onto the Crystal Lok® as binder. Impervious to storm driven rain. Improved impact resistance. Alkaline activated, crystallization concrete corrosion control.
Product of United States of America. See Test Report and Technical Data.

Product Sizes:
CL 5 Five Gallon Pail
CL 55 Fifty-five Gallon Drum

Basic Use:
Crystal Lok® is designed to use on any clean Portland cement-based concrete structures, block and mortar on home and architectural structures. These include walkways, driveways, swimming pool aprons, basements and sub-basements, statuary, bridges, roadways, slabs, floors, walls, roofs, below grade structures and electrical vaults, hazardous waste floors, mine ore storage pads, garages, vehicle repair and sales structures, gas stations, parking structures, pipe, farm silos and other structures, dairy milking parlors, feed rooms, sales barns, stables, skateboard parks, boat docks, etc. Keeps existing surface profile; i.e. an existing non-skid surface is retained as hardened and waterproofed.
Mix before use. Do Not Store in Aluminum Containers. Keep From Freezing.

———————————-Liquid Properties—————————————————————————As Cured in Structural Concrete

•Composition : Water-based
•VOC gr/L: 0
•pH as Liquid: ±11.3
•Spread Rate: 200 ft
•Freeze Point: 32ºF
•Flash Point : Over 200 F
•Shelf Life : Indefinite
•Thinning: Do Not Thin
•Shipping : Non Hazardous DOT 55
•Toxic Properties: None
•Health: Inhalation 2 Skin 2, Eyes 2
•Flammability: Not Flammable
•Odor : None to Musty
•Appearance : Clear
•Solubility in Water: 100% Dispersible
•Cleanup : Soap and Water
•Permeability : 0 ±203 psi (1.4MPa)
•Penetration: ±3/
4 in ( ±2 cm )
•Vapor Reduction: ±47%
•pH at Cure: ±11.3
•Freeze/Thaw: < 0.7% loss of mass
•Permanent: Yes
*Direct contact: Constant: 3pH - 11pH
*Direct contact: Intermittent: 2pH - 12pH
•Composition: Crystallized cement
filling hydraulic pores, voids, hairline cracks

Preperation & Prime:
Clean Surface Required . Test to Absorb Water. Surface is to be free of oils, grease, coatings, adhesives, mastics, rubber etc. Clean by sandblast, shot blast, water jet, or by muriatic acid. Rinse dust, or to remove acids and test to allow return to pH high 10 level or higher. Crystal Lok may be applied onto wet or damp surfaces, but not onto running water or standing water.

Best practice use paint spray equipment or garden-type pump sprayer. Wand attachments are easiest. Fan spray tip at 10-14 in from surfaces. Use roller or brush where required. CAUTION: Remove Crystal Lok as unabsorbed puddles with broom or air blast to avoid surface cure of tightly adherent white crystalline cement which requires grinding, or paint to cover. Respray lightly any areas showing fast absorption.

Dry Time:
Touch Dry 30 Minutes or Visual (Variable by Temperature / Texture). Dry 12 hours.
Recoat if needed 15-30 minutes up to 3 days with light application. Topcoat or tile not necessary. If topcoat or tile is preferred use only concrete-specified materials. Cure time to topcoat or tile: MCU coating 3 days; Others 5 days.

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