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采用 CRYSTAL LOK 防水液的部分工程名 上海民凝防水涂料工程有限公司

Matheson Painting References:

Matheson Painting June 15, 2004
  • Iowa Beef Products, Wallula, WA
  • J.R. Simplot Foods-Pasco, WA
  • St. Michelle Winery-Patterson, WA
  • Columbia Basin College-Pasco, WA

Matheson Painting, July 7, 2004
  • Parsons International Machine Shop Floor - approx. 16,000 sqft
  • 10 Million Gallon Water Tank, City of Pasco

Province of Nova Scotia, Canada, Transportation and Public Works, 
Structural Engineering Department, February 24, 2003 

Matheson Painting
615 South Oregon, Pasco, Washington 99301(509) 545-6889
Sandblasting, Special Coatings, Pressure Cleaning
Hydroblasting, Industrial Spray Painting
Steam Cleaning, U.S.D.A. Cleaning
Concrete Floor Coatings, Complete Fire Repairs

June 15, 2004 
Vaughan Towle
Corroseal, Inc. 70 E. Sunset Way Issaquah, WA 98027

Dear Mr. Towle:

Matheson Painting has applied several thousand gallons of Crystal-Lok concrete hardener and sealer over the past 15 years. The following is a brief listing of several food plant related case histories in which Crystal-Lok has been successfully used. 

Iowa Beef Products, Wallula, WA

Problem: IBP has concrete floors in all of their cattle holding pens which, over the years, had been worn smooth by the cattle hooves and became slippery causing the cattle to slip, fall and be injured.

Solution: Matheson Painting cleaned and sandblasted the concrete in order to roughen the surface into a non-skid profile of approximately 5 mils in height. Crystal-Lok was then applied to the sandblasted, non-skid surface. The reason for applying Crystal-Lok was to reinforce the non-skid capillary profile internally in order to prolong the useful life of the non-skid profile. This work was completed in the spring of 1988 and the Crystal-Lok has preserved and maintained the non-skid profile for the past 11 years and continues to prevent the cattle from slipping on this concrete floor surface. 

J.R. Simplot Foods-Pasco, WA

Problem: The plant production floors became extremely slippery when wet. Simplot experienced 50 serious slip-fall accidents during the season prior to the application of Crystal Lok.

Solution: Matheson Painting used a steel shot blast machine to abrade the floor and provide a non-skid profile of approximately 5 mils. Matheson then applied three complete and separate coats of Crystal Lok to approximately 150,000 square feet of process floor, allowing one week between the 2nd and 3rd coats. The reason for applying Crystal Lok was to reinforce the non-skid anchor pattern in the concrete floor and to prevent erosion of the concrete floor by the constant exposure to running water, fruit juice and cleaning chemicals. Simplot has had no reported slip-fall accidents in the 3 years since this application was complete.

St. Michelle Winery-Patterson, WA 

Matheson Painting applied Crystal Lok to approximately 80,000 square feet of concrete warehouse and bottling floors.

Problem: This was a newly constructed warehouse and St. Michelle wanted to prevent the concrete from “dusting”, making it more cleanable and protect the concrete floor from cleaning chemicals, water and wine spills. 

Solution: Matheson Painting carefully cleaned the concrete floor and applied these (3) complete and separate coats of Crystal Lok concrete waterproofer and hardener to the entire 100,000 sf wine storage floor. This work was complete in 1994 and the floor is still in good condition. (1999) 

Columbia Basin College-Pasco, WA
Problem: The college campus sidewalks had been worn smooth, attacked by fertilizer, deicing chemicals, constant exposure to freeze-thaw spalling, sprinkler systems and vehicle traffic. The motivating factor was the fact that these sidewalks had become extremely slippery when wet and the college had experienced several slip-fall accidents.

Solution: Matheson Painting sandblasted all affected campus sidewalks to achieve a non-skid surface and applied three complete and separate coats of Crystal Lok. This work was completed in 1995 and the campus maintenance people assure me that the freeze/thaw spalling and chemical erosion has stopped and that there have been no slip-and-fall accidents. 

The above examples are just a small percentage of the Crystal Lok projects that we have completed over the past approximately 15 years. Matheson Painting has had 100% success with its Crystal Lok application experience. I can be reached at (509) 545-6889 should anyone wish to discuss these or any other successful Crystal Lok projects completed by Matheson Painting. 

Thomas R. Matheson
Matheson Painting

Matheson Painting
615 South Oregon, Pasco, Washington 99301(509) 545-6889
Sandblasting, Special Coatings, Pressure Cleaning
Hydroblasting, Industrial Spray Painting Steam Cleaning, U.S.D.A. Cleaning Concrete Floor Coatings, Complete Fire Repairs

July 7, 2004
Vaughan Towle
Crystal Lok® Concrete Water-Proofer P.O. Box 788 Coupeville, WA 98239 

Re: Machine Shop Floor and 10 Million Gallon Concrete Water Tank

Dear Vaughan;
This letter is to report two more extremely successful Crystal Lok® projects recently completed by Matheson Painting, Inc. in Pasco, Washington. The first project is a machine shop floor, which was blast tracked and sealed with Crystal Lok® for Parsons International. The second project was the top of a 10 million gallon concrete water storage tank for the City of Pasco, Washington State.

Parsons International Machine Shop Floor - approx. 16,000 sqft

This Parsons International machine shop floor is located in a World War II vintage warehouse in the Port of Pasco adjacent to the Columbia River in Pasco, Washington. This floor had a 50 year accumulation of various types of floor paint and had become slippery and dangerous. Parsons International purchased the Hanford fabrication shop and moved it into this warehouse. The shop is equipped with more than 50 milling machines, lathes, punches, drill presses, etc. Matheson Painting Inc. proposed a quarter inch trowel down overlay system, a thin film epoxy floor coating system and proposed use of Crystal Lok® concrete water-proofer/densifier and sealer. Parsons International selected the blast track profiling ad paint removal proposal, which was followed by three complete and separate coats of Crystal Lok® at a net spread rate of 100-125 sqft per gallon.

The three primary advantages to this system are:

* Cost Savings - The complete cost of Crystal Lok® and blast track work was less than 20% of the cost required to install a quarter-inch reinforced epoxy overlay.

* The profile provided by the blast track removal of the existing floor coatings provided an extremely safe non-slip surface. This non-slip safety feature was the primary deciding factor.

* Crystal Lok® concrete hardener densifier provided a seal for the concrete and prevented dusting and oil saturation of the concrete. Because Crystal Lok® becomes a permanent part of the concrete it will not require future coating.

* By reinforcing the non-slop surface profile with Crystal Lok® and providing a permanent vapor seal within the concrete slab future coatings surface preparation work will be minimized. Crystal Lok® water proofer/densifier actually increases adhesion for future coatings. Parsons International determined that the Crystal Lok® alternative saved them more than $100,000 now and if in the future if they elect to go with the quarter inch trowel overlay the money spent for blast track and sealing work will reduce the future overlay costs and eliminate the need for aggressive concrete abrasion after very sensitive machining tools are installed.

10 Million Gallon Water Tank, City of Pasco

In June of 2004 Matheson Painting, Inc. sandblasted and applied three complete and separate coats of Crystal Lok® Water-proofer/densifier to the top of a 10 million gallon water tank, which is approximately 200 ft by 400 ft in Pasco, Washington. The nearly flat top of this concrete tank was leaking rainwater. Matheson Painting, Inc. used Hydrolastic EA2 Polyurea with an elongation factor of 1035% to overlay and seal the construction joint. More than 10 drums of Crystal Lok® were then spray applied to the nearly flat tank top. The concrete tank top had severe freeze-thaw spalling, which had begun to erode away the top surface of this tank. Crystal Lok® was selected for this project because it not only water proofs and densifies the concrete, but permanently changes the pH of the concrete, which prevents rusting of rebar, prevents freeze-thaw spalling and permanently waterproofs the entire tank.

These two projects are but two more extremely successful Crystal Lok® applications performed by Matheson Painting, Inc. The total square footage waterproofed by our firm exceeds three million square feet which are permanently protected and have provided excellent value to our ever-expanding customer base.

If I can be of further assistance, or should you have any questions please feel free to call me at (509) 545-6889.
Thomas R. Matheson


Province of Nova Scotia, Canada
Transportation and Public Works
Structural Engineering Department

February 24, 2003 Subject: Crystal Lok SPECIFICATION

After deck repairs have been completed, the Contractor shall sandblast the entire deck to a uniform texture and appearance removing dirt, oil and grease, tar and other deposits which may affect the absorption of the sealer into the concrete deck. The deck shall be blown clean of sand with compressed air. The Contractor shall apply three (3) coats of "Crystal-Lok Concrete Waterproofer/ Hardener" or an equivalent as approved by the Engineer.

The sealer shall be applied in strict accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. A manufacturer's representative shall be present during the application of the sealer and must provide the Department, upon completion of the work, with a written report prior to the payment for this item.

Measurement for payment for Concrete Sealer shall be per square metre of concrete deck sealed.

Payment for Concrete Sealer will be made at the Contract Unit Price per square metre, which shall be full compensation for sandblasting, cleaning, and sealing (3 applications) including supply of materials, labour, plant, tools, equipment and incidentals necessary to complete the work to the satisfaction of the Engineer.

No area shall be paid more than once.

Gary Pyke, CET
Contract Administrator Structural Engineering Nova Scotia Department of Transportation & Public Works Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada
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