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Crystal Lok® Treated Concrete Projects
Crystal Lok® creates no surface film, and creates no subsurface materials as environmental hazards.

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6 Flags Magic Mountain Amusement Park, Santa Clarita, California: park walks and drives,
2012 & 2013.
Supplied by (Reseda, California

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Water Park of America, Bloomington, Minnesota: Crystal Lok® applied onto concrete tanks during winter maintenance.

da-vach-bridge pool3ta_trachviaduct-3a-phap-vanPasted Graphic 2
New construction projects with Crystal Lok® applied to bridge decks by Viet Phu Import Export Company (Vipexim JSC).
Includes among others BOT Road 188 Company (Project owner- Da Vach Bridge Project;  Mr. Hoang Ngoc Quang, Director, seen here inspecting Crystal Lok® application). 
Another 4.5 mile section of Hanoi Ring Road treated with Crystal Lok® 2012.
Vipexim JSC is the exclusive Crystal Lok® distributor for Vietnam.

1. rub-r-wall
1. Sealing Driveways by Rub-R-Wall of Ohio, Inc.
2. The Red Dog Mine ships 10% of the worlds zinc supply from the DeLong Mountain Terminal Port, completed in 1990, in Northwest Alaska on the Chukchi Sea. 
In 1996 its original 100,000 square foot concrete pad for zinc and lead ore concentrates was demolished to make room for two 200x1400 foot covered zinc ore
storage buildings. Demolition protocol included applying 500 gallons of Crystal Lok® Concrete Treatment, to seal the concrete pad surface before its breakup.
Crystal Lok® was delivered in the summer of 1996 by barge from Seward, AK

hanfordligo 2. house_basement 3 exterior-house
1. Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory   -  LIGO, Cal Tech, at Hanford, Washington, 1997-1999 Crystal Lok® on exterior of two 2.5 kilometer tunnels
to seal re-bar expansion cracking, weatherproof. Tunnel arches protect laser mirrors and target tubes of total 5k length.  by Matheson Painting Co.,
Pasco, Washington
2. Tennessee residence foundation and basement - sealed with Crystal Lok® to weatherproof, prepare for painting, backfill. 2007.
Horse barn floors sealed in breezeway and wash racks.
3. Prefab concrete house walls manufactured with Crystal Lok® admixture and surface treatment. CTI Inc. Texas 1996-97  

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1. Shanghai International Convention Center (8,300 m2 treated of the total construction area.
Landmark of Shanghai, appraised as one of the 10 classic buildings over the 50 years since the founding of the P.R. C.)
2. Shanghai apartment block, Village Nga Court, 15,500 m2, new construction,
3. Suzhou Stadium 13,000 sq m treated.
4. Pudong Airport roads and parking structure; 21,800 m2 treated.

Crystal Lok® tested and approved by Shanghai Quality Supervision and Inspection Station.
Total China Crystal Lok® projects exceed 212,000 sq m (2,300,000 sq ft)

freeze_thawdamage 2. waterpipe    3. parking_garage_floor 4. Pasted Graphic 3               
1. Minden, Nevada. (4000 ft elevation) 7 years freeze-thaw exposure after single Crystal Lok® application onto stamped concrete.
No damage to treated right side. Untreated left side destroyed by freezing after 2-3 years.
2. Water Supply Pipe interior, California 1989 
3. Parking Garage Floor
4. Barbados U.S. Embassy new construction. Crystal Lok® applied to all exterior concrete to waterproof against storm.

1. Colunbia Basin college Concrete
 1. Columbia Basin College, Pasco, Washington: all walks treated to seal against irrigation, fertilizer stain & freeze-thaw damage after total resurfacing
by pressure water jet blasting to recreate a non-skid, clean surface. Photo taken 9 years after Crystal Lok applied by Matheson Painting Co. See References.