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Concrete Waterproofing Treatment



Crystal Lok® Concrete Treatment

Crystal Lok® Concrete Treatment Waterproofs When Applied on Either Side of Concrete Structures
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) = 0 (< 0.01 mg/L) Non Hazardous Water-Based Liquid

Product Description: Crystal Lok® is a water based concrete penetrating sealer, formulated to waterproof, damp proof, seal and keep the natural appearance and profile of Portland cement based concrete. 


Waterproof Portland cement concrete structures and protect against water and other liquid penetration. (...reduce the permeability of concrete under pressure, (termed waterproofing)) Damp-proof to allow structures to expel trapped water as vapor.
Basic Use:
Crystal Lok® is recommended for use on Portland cement based structural concrete as architectural structures; concrete blocks, mortar, gunnite, slabs, floors, subsurface vaults or basements, walls, roofs, pillars, pipe, sculpture, statuary and decorations; and on marine structures on or in fresh water or sea water.. Apply to concrete containing stone, steel or poly fiber aggregate, free of other chemistry including coatings, sealers, cleaners and soaps. Crystal Lok® is not suitable for use on clay brick or tile but can be used on cement mortar. Protect glass, aluminum, porcelain from over-spray or run-off. Crystal Lok® is recommended to protect against water seepage, freeze-thaw spalling, efflorescence, absorption of liquids including water, oils, acids, ores, salts, chloride ion intrusion; attack by alcohols, petroleum fuels, and other sources of damage where the seepage is not caused by cracking or other structural flaws.
DOT Shipping Classification - 55   Any available method. No label required.    Universal Customs Code 2839.19.00.00 Packaging: Crystal Lok® is packaged in 5 and 55 gallon containers. Thinning: Do not thin. Coverage: Tested confirmed watertight penetration on ASTM grade structural concrete for Coverage: 300 (7 sq. meters/ltr) - 200 (5 sq. meters/ltr) square feet per gallon. 200 sq. ft/gal is recommended for general applications where specific concrete density is uncertain. Local Coverage is variable down to 300 sq/ft/gal depending on the actual surface characteristics. May be applied to 150 sq/ft per gallon by a 3rd light mist coat to identify areas of greater porosity in the original structure which can absorb more Crystal Lok®.

Cautions: alkaline liquid. pH11.5. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact, flush immediately with plenty of water. If irritation continues call a physician. Do Not Store in Aluminum Containers. Store, mix, or apply in steel or plastic containers only. Spills are slippery. See label and MSDS.

Surface Preparation: Remove dirt, grease, oil, old paint, form release agents and other deposits for a residue free surface. Surface may be etched or blast tracked or sand blasted prior to application. Surface must be able to absorb water.

Application: Apply with clean hand pump garden sprayer, airless paint spray equipment, roller, or brush. Apply at 45°F and rising and below 100°F(7°-37°C) and falling. Avoid freezing before applying. Airless spray tip orifice .017 - .027 inch with .019 inch optimal. Garden type hand spray pump, roller or brush. If a residue-free surface appearance is required remove any puddles or rinse with water after applying. See label for Cautions/Limitations. Clean equipment with soap and water after use.

Dry Time: Walk on when eye-dry. Cure may bond tools, hoses or equipment to the concrete. Remove equipment from treated surfaces for 12 hours.

Recoat: 15-30 minutes for 2nd coat. To 3 days if third light coat preferred.

Maintenance: After cure, all normal concrete maintenance procedures, materials and chemicals may be used for cleaning, profiling, etc.

Technical Services: call Crystal Lok LLC; 916-716-2757 or e-mail See and product label for information. Made in U.S.A.  


 10 million gallon water tank treated 2006 to protect potable water supply from rain water penetration and to seal hairline cracking from the concrete internal reinforcing bar corrosion and resulting expansion cracking. storagetank