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Crystal Lok® Waterproofing Concrete Treatment Description

Crystal Lok® ships as a Water Based Liquid, Non Hazardous, Single part Application onto Portland Cement Based Structures and Concrete Products

Alkaline activator, corrosion control for concrete structures of Portland cement concrete structures, concrete block and mortar waterproofing.
Crystal-Lok® Penetrates and Waterproofs Structural Portland Cement Concrete, Block and Mortar
Crystal-Lok® Waterproof-hydrophobic-blocking is equally effective when it is applied on either side of concrete - onto the wet side (positive pressure side) or the dry side (negative pressure side) of structures, where pressure is applied to the treated or to the non-treated side.
Stops penetration and passage of liquids including ground water, oils or acids and their contaminates through concrete structures; slabs, walls, tanks, pipe or boxes of any size.
Keeps contaminating liquids or solids from penetrating the concrete. Keeps contaminated soils and ground waters from penetrating into concrete structures.
Keeps absorbed contaminants inside treated surfaces for storage or demolition.       For materials see Chemical Defense page.

  • Converts to solid cement within concrete
  • Converts to new C-S-H (Calcium Silicate Hydroxide - pure cement)
  • Fills Pores, Capillaries, Voids & Hairline Cracks with C-S-H
  • Waterproofs structural concrete - Tested Watertight
  • Damp-proofs structural concrete - Tested Damp-proof
  • Blocks penetration of acids, caustics, petroleum products, mine wastes
  • Permanent - can not erode. Not UV sensitive
  • Apply to dry, damp, or to wet saturated surfaces . But not into puddles or flowing water
  • Apply with any method. Best practice use garden-type pump sprayer or airless paint sprayer
  • No residue and no out - gassing
  • Leaves no environmental footprint
  • Holds sound concrete at pH 11, higher than oxidation levels for concrete and imbedded steel
  • Passivates encountered structural steel within concrete & fills voids around it
  • Can be top-coated with concrete - specified coatings, mastics, adhesives

10 million gallon municipal water tank, Pasco, Washington, sealed by Crystal Lok® June, 2004


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